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With your help, our volunteers bring sunshine to a cloudy day for children and families facing the stress and anxiety of hospitalization. No matter what the injury, illness or condition, being hospitalized as a child can not only be stressful but also very scary. Strangers asking questions, mysterious machinery, odd sights and sounds, needles, pills, and medicines – not to mention concerned friends, relatives and parents – can all be very overwhelming for young patients.

Project Sunshine Canada volunteers bring sunny friendly smiles, familiar activities like colouring, arts and crafts, readings, stories and special events to make the medical experience less overwhelming and as stress-free as possible! We also help parents and caregivers destress, unwind and feel human again through massage therapy, comfort care kits, peer support opportunities and crafts.

Join our team and spread the sunshine!

…Project Sunshine volunteers not only bring smiles to the faces of our patients, they are a vital part of the healing process…

Project Sunshine Volunteer, New York City


Project Sunshine Canada is a registered Canadian charity, and part of an international team that provides free creative, educational, recreational and social programs to children and their families facing medical challenges. Since 2012 alone over 20,000 children and their families have participated in Project Sunshine Canada programs in 22 healthcare facilities in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador. Project Sunshine is also active in the USA, Kenya, China and Israel.


…The work that Project Sunshine puts forward makes a remarkable difference in the lives of children at Safehaven as well as other healthcare organizations…

Kimberley Gadwah, The Safehaven Project for Community Living


Collectively, our volunteers donate on average 1,700 hours of their time to create materials and deliver our programs. Working onsite in hospitals and rehabilitation facilitates, our volunteers partner in a supportive role with Child Life Specialists and other medical staff. They help relieve the anxiety of the young patients, and in a context of fun and play, foster in them the courage and coping skills necessary to confront procedures that lie ahead.


…The time that the parents spent making craft was very therapeutic. They were able to talk with each other about the challenges that they are facing while having their babies in the hospital…

Clinical Team Manager, North York General Hospital, Ontario


. . . not only is proper medical attention vital to treatment of physical symptoms but emotional support is also paramount – especially for children – to the healing process.  Every child deserves a fun-filled childhood with friends, family and a chance to simply be a kid.

Michael Seccareccia, Project Sunshine Canada Young Patrons Circle Volunteer, Team Project Sunshine Member and Childhood Cancer Survivor

Where will the money you raise go?

Each year Project Sunshine Canada has an annual programming budget of just under $200,000. This number will grow as we expand our programs across the country, reaching more and more children and families.

The money raised this year by our runners will help pay for purchase of books, arts and craft supplies, fund special events for the whole family such as Mother’s Day, pay for shipping of our Sending Sunshine boxes across Canada. To learn more about our programs please visit our website at