Vegan Social Events will be hosting the run's post-race reception in Jesse Ketchum courtyard to provide participants with delicious plant-based refreshments from companies that operate sustainably and ethically.


Rawcology's mission is to create revolutionary organic and nutritious plant-powered snacks that can be enjoyed by all individuals regardless of dietary restrictions. Our line of Superfood Coconut Chips and Raw Crunch Granola are always raw, organic, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and refined sugar-free. Our snacks are unlike any others on the market due to our bold and delicious flavours, including Smoky Cheeze, Rockin' Ranch, Chocolate Cinnamon, Chocolate Chaga, and Matcha Latte. We also have a unique production process that dehydrates our snacks at low temperature to preserve nutrient quality and are committed to using only the finest organic ingredients and superfoods for added nutrition.

Since launching in June 2017, Rawcology products can be found in grocery stores, juice bars and gyms across Ontario, including Farm Boy, Ambrosia, Nature's Emporium, The Big Carrot,,, and many more.

We constantly strive to redefine the snack space with our truly healthy and delicious products.