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I am really excited to be participating in the 2018 B&O Yorkville Run to support the Assaulted Women’s Helpline. This will be my first event since joining the AWHL staff in May and a great opportunity to tell everyone I know about the incredibly important work we do and why the Helpline needs your support.

In the 2 short months that I have been with the Helpline I have learned so much about the organization and why the work our crisis counsellors is so incredibly important. We receive nearly 50,000 calls from women in need annually. 50, 000 women in need of emotional support, information, referrals, safety planning. 50,000 women with no one else to turn to.

Everywhere in the news media and across the globe- violence against women has become increasingly prevalent. Think about the traction the #MeToo movement has garnered. According to Statistics Canada, more than 50% of Canadian women over the age of 16 have been victims of physical or sexual violence- at any stage in their lives. The Assaulted Women’s Helpline are one of many important agencies with unique services working to ensure that when a women needs someone to call for critical support or resources- any time, day or night, they are there.

Please support me and help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in helping to end violence against women. Online pledging is secure and it saves the Assaulted Women’s Helpline money by reducing administrative costs.

Thanks for your support!



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Peter Kobayashi
Good luck Yvonne. It's a pleasure to help out the Yorkville Run and support AWHL.
Elizabeth O'Brien
Better late than never - well done, Yvonne!!
Deirdre Swatman
Great work and thank you for your dedication to AWHL.
Always happy to support AWHL!!
Rafael Lipner
Way to go MY new friend!!
Brian Cohen
Topping up to match my sister's donation! Go for it, Yvyonne!!!
Calvin Hambrook
UrbanSource Catering and URBAN GALLERY -Proud to support AWHL!
Kelli Schiffer
Margaret Arnason
Go team AWHL !
Glenna Gosewich
Way to go Yvonne!
Carol Port
carolyn kim
Hi Yvonne, good luck with your fundraising and the 5km race! This is such a great cause, and happy to support the work that AWH does! - Carolyn
Yvonne rocks! Go AWHL, keep up the great work!
Go Yvy!
Natalia Krstic
I will be cheering from Montreal!!! So glad to have worked with you!!
Leslie Greenbaum
Sandra Heldman
Happy Birthday!
B&O Yorkville Run
Congratulations Yvonne, you won the third $1000 Weekend Challenge! On behalf of the B&O Yorkville Run, we are pleased to donate $1000 to Assaulted Women's Helpline.
Irina Monahu
May the force be with you!
susan charendoff
"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." Michael Jordan
Jennifer Carli
how do you still do it? Way to go and happiest of birthdays.
Patricia Scherrer
Sandra Hawken
Woot! Woot! This is awesome!
Janet Wells
Go Yvonne (and happy birthday!!)
Sean Copeland
Run Yvonne Run!
angela cashell
Good luck Yvonne!
Robyn Croll
Run Forrest Run!!
Paula Frederick
Keep up the great work!
Lee Vernich
Amazing work Yvonne!
Fantastic organization!
M Kontak Forsyth
Go Girl!
Jacintha Doner
Kelly McOstrich
Happy birthday Yvonne!
Shannon OBrien
Go Yvonne!!
Mary Jane Giuliani
Great work Yvonne
Jo-Anne Wade
Way to go Yvonne!!
Julie Stevens
Great cause! Good luck!
Steven Donald
ellen mcneill
good luck Yvonne!
Hamid Omoumi
Krista White
“When your legs get tired, run with your heart.” SO proud of you and the important work you’re doing. Xo
Dominique Hanesn
Way to go Yvonne!
Jennifer Hicks
Way to go Yvonne!
Sarah Renzoni
Run and Raise $!
Susan Chell
Wat to go Yvonne!
Anneliese Fantaske
Run like the wind!
You rock! So proud of you for all that you have taken on.
Annie Kidder
Go Yvonne!!!
vicko von stedingk
Go, go,go!!
Katherine Taylor
Your work and drive are inspiring Yvonne!
Pamela Hubley
Enjoy the run - great work you are doing Yvonne.
Liz Pead
Visualize the finish line as the goal line! XO Hockey Sister.
Regan Moran Fitzpatrick
You’re awesome Yvonne! Best wishes!
Rachel Silber
Go Yvonne! You are amazing!
Cindy Hayhurst
Paget Catania
Hope your hip feels better babe. You got this.
Christopher Dawson
What a wonderful, meaningful cause, Yvonne. Have a great run!
Great cause!
Kevin Salmon
nada darwiche
Bravo Yvonne!
Brenda Doig
Way to go Yvonne!
You go girl!
Valerie Davey
Run like the wind
Carol Pitre
You're an inspiration Yvonne! Happy to donate – we all deserve access to support. Keep up the good work AWH!
Andrea Dingle
Go!Go!Go! Behind you all the way!
Go Yvonne!
julie byrne
Great cause.... Run Yvonne run!
Mary-Lea Horbay
Way to go Yvonne - great cause!