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Yep - here we go again!!

First - before you sponsor me, think about whether you want to up it a notch and JOIN ME on the run. If you would have asked me last year "do i want to run" i would have said, "clearly you must be mistaken, I don't run!" - but that was just because i chose not to. Trust me, I still crawl across the finish line...and its only a 5K...but atleast i'm doing it. End of the day, I'm not getting any younger though...and chances are you aren't as well, so taking care of yourself is pretty important.

Even more so -i find that if we take the step to care for our bodies...we can also start to appreciate even more that we should take care of our souls as well (not just our soles).

And finally- it is all for a great cause - to inspire the next generation to be even stronger and healthier than even we are - mind, body and soul! The real triple Threat..

So before you donate...think about running with me...and if you don't then of course - give generously!

...gotta run!

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Michael Tweyman
Maxwell Kates
Happy New Year 5779 to you and yours, Rafi
Dan Nayot
Sprint it out Rafi
Maya Roth
Way to go Rabbi. You are an inspiration.
Now you're on top - where you belong! Yasher Koach!
Alison Szilagyi
Good luck!
Yvonne Harding
because this race has been more fun with you in it !
Jeff Kulbak
The Kimel Family
You're awesome! We're all proud of your efforts and how you model strong values and perseverance.
Ella Burakowski
Running Rabbi Raffi Rocks!
Igor Korenzvit
I'm pleased to match your fundraising for The House. Congratulations! You are a Champion fundraiser! Igor Korenzvit, B&O Yorkville
Cheri Glina
Mazel Tov! What an accomplishment! We are very proud of you in all you do!
B&O Yorkville Run
Congratulations Rafi, you won the last $1,000 Weekend Challenge! On behalf of the B&O Yorkville Run, we are pleased to donate $1,000 to The House.
Howard Price
Good luck
Arthur Keyfitz
Way to go!! Good luck!
miriam anbar
Way to go Rabbi Rafi! Good luck and Shana Tova!
Ryan Lindo
Roberta Schwartz
Kol Hakavod! Keep up your great work!! Brian and Robbie Schwartz and Family
Ronnie Strauss
Alexander Rose
Good luck and shana tovah! Susan, John and Alex Rose
Reena Berlind
Francy Kussner
Way to go! Francy
Sheldon Dick
Shana Tova
Cheryl Cohen-Goldstein
Is there anything you are not good at?
Norman Share
May a smile always be your umbrella.
Lyle Shugar
Wishing you all the best in the new year
Lisa Mills
Good luck Rabbi
Chuck English
You're the Energizer Rabbi!
Chaim Young
May you continue to inspire yourself and other around you. Chag sameach and happy new year to you and your beautiful family.
looking good!
Way to go Rabbi!!
Jason Izraelski
Run, Rabbi, Run!
Roslyn English
saul judelman
Naomi Lipner
Mark Heitin
Elijah Antflick
Run run run for the roses
Ariel Katz
Go Rabbi, Go!
Michael Shapiro
Seth Frieberg
Go get em
Elaine Shiff
Raffi, you inspire me yet again!
Igor Korenzvit
See you at the RUN!
Paula Bernstein
Go for Gold Rafi!