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Welcome to My Personal Page!

To my surprise, and yours, i have decided to sign up for my first ever 5K run!!!!!! 

The 2018 B&O Yorkville Run to support Ostomy Toronto.

I have lived with 2 ostomies for my whole life, and feel proud to not only speak of them, educate people about ostomies, but most of all break stigmas of what someone living with health issues looks like!!!!

The money raised from this event helps to continue our services of informative monthly meetings, a resource center filled with information and up-to-date news for people living with ostomies, their families, caregivers and friends living in the Greater Toronto area, and excellent publications.
For over 50 years volunteers of Ostomy Toronto have worked diligently to ensure people with ostomies in our community have an improved quality of life.

Please pledge me and help me reach my fundraising goal!  Online pledging is secure and it saves money by reducing administrative costs.

You can also donate with me directly via cash or cheque. All donations over $25 are tax deductible.

Thanks for taking the time to support and help me create change!!!


Maria-Jose Bouey

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Christine Kang
You go girl! You’re an inspiration!
Lilian Cortez
Cristian Bouey
You are going to do amazing and I am so proud of you! Good luck and I love you, FaPa!
From Bill Dremetsikas
I'm so proud of you and I love you so much!!
Good luck on the run!
denise fernandes
Way to go!
Catherine Starling
You go girl! :)
Jessica John
Run MJ Run! Way to go!
Tami Falus
You got this girl!
HoFai Chau
Love and proud of you, my Princess!
Alanna McRae
Way to go!
So proud of you