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I am participating in the 2018 B&O Yorkville Run to support the mission of Stella’s Place.

Hi guys! My 2018 New Year's Resolution was to run every, single day of this year and those of you who live in my neighbourhood can attest to the fact that I have managed to accomplish this goal so far through all kinds of crazy weather! I have decided to dedicate my running again this year to Stella's Place and my bigger goal that goes along with the New Year's Resolution is to raise $1 for every kilometre that I will run this year. I am going to try to hit 2000km and I hope you will help me to raise the money! I'll be participating in this 5k race on September 9th and all of your pledges will go to Stella's Place and may even be matched if I can raise enough! I know that it's not possible for everyone to donate, and I get it. No need for explanations. If you can though, please do (the sooner, the better but you can donate any time until the end of September)! You never know when a young person you know might need the services of this unique organization. Stella's is a really incredible place!

About Stella's....

Stella’s Place is one of Canada’s first mental health assessment and treatment centres specifically serving young adults 16 to 29 with complex mood and anxiety disorders.

Stella’s Place is based in downtown Toronto and offers a range of clinical and recovery services in a street-front, non- stigmatizing, and engaging environment. This organization aims to change the landscape of young adult mental health services in Toronto and beyond.

Please pledge me and help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight for mental wellness. Online pledging is secure and it saves Stella’s Place money by reducing administrative costs.

Thanks for your support!

Raised so far:


Go Jen! I run vicariously through you!
Amanda Santo
Kerry Lally
You are an inspiration to the boys & I !!! xx
MaryAnn Crichton
Great program for youth. You go Girl
Andrew Leitch
Way to go, Jen!
Laurie Poole
Very inspiring, Jen!
Abigail Sone
Go Jen Go!
Beatrice Hale
Good Luck. Glad you can run I cannot.
Another amazing goal for a great cause - good luck!!
Tracey Pirso
You are awesome Jen!
John Geale
Way to go Jen!
David Moore
A very worthy cause. Good luck on your fundraising and run!