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Hi there!

Last year, I landed the job of my dreams as a Mental Health Clinician at Stella's Place. This year, we were selected as a recipient in the B&O Yorkville Run (5km, September 9th), which I have decided to participate in despite the protests of my knees (and brain.)

Stella’s Place is a unique organization, where we provide recovery- and strengths-focused peer support, short-term individual counselling and group therapy to young adults (16-29) experiencing a wide range of mental health challenges. I've also been lucky enough to be able to give my dog Willow a job as unofficial greeter/mascot and therapy dog.

As is the case with many social services, our funding is a mix of private donations and public grants. Every little bit helps, especially with our administrative costs (so we can redirect to programming). I'd super appreciate a pledge if you've got some extra cash to help us continue doing the work we do,




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Cynthia M Woolley
For a great cause !!! Go Emma and little Wil
Zachary Bennett
Tie your shoes!!
Dane Coote