In 2018/19 the Helpline received over 49,000 from women across Ontario and beyond.   That averages to 134 calls/day.

Now consider that 50% of women will have experienced at least one act of physical or sexual violence after the age of 16 and chances are you know someone who has called our number or  who needs our number.  But physical/sexual abuse accounts for only 20% of our calls.  Most callers are trying to cope with the relentless daily emotional and pyschological abuse that strips them of their self esteem, their self confidence and their self worth.

The funds we raise from this run are vital to our ability to maintain our core crisis line service and ensure that our trained staff are available to provide the emotional support they so desperately need and to help identify their options and help our callers lead lives free from abuse.    It's a basic human right.

Thank you for your donation and support. 


Individual Goal: $10,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $12,157.00

Team Name: Team_Helpline

Team Goal Total: $29,700.00

Team Total Raised: $33,241.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Yvonne Harding $25.00
Kelly Foss
Dominique Hansen $500.00
Robyn Croll
Krista White
Bettina Hoar
Pauline Kutnjak
Valerie Davey
Debbie King
Heather Allen Go Yvonne!
Mary-Lea Ruscetta $100.00 Yessss! You go girl!
Anonymous $100.00
Elizabeth Harding
Susie Charendoff Go Yv! You're an inspiration!
Cindy Hayhurst You're the best!
James and Sue Mackintosh Way to go Yvonne!
Rise Schwartz Run like the wind
Jorge Silva
Jennifer Carli $50.00 Inspired!
Janet Wells
nada darwiche
Francesca Milan
Roderick Wilmer May the wind be at your back !
Shannon O’Brien $100.00 Thanks for being a champion for this cause!
Sheila Phillips $50.00
Dawn Bergot $100.00 You've got this! Kick it old school!
Beth Hayhoe
Anonymous There is something in you that the world needs????
Susan Chell $200.00 Go Yvonne!!
Katherine Gurney & Andre Nowakowski $250.00 Good luck and good for you for doing this!
Mirka Macalik
Kathy Cunningham
Leslie Auld $100.00 Sending you extra energy!!!
Laurie Robinson
Mary Bartlett Way to go, Yvonne!
Beth Adams $50.00
Regan Fitzpatrick
Warren Kotler $200.00 Such a worthwhile cause.
Anonymous Good luck!!
Scott Nowlan $100.00
Leslie Greenbaum
Anonymous Way to go Yvonne ????
Julia Armstrong Good luck! Lofty goal.
Ann Mussett $50.00 Way to go Yvonne
Sarah Archibald Inspiring as always Yvonne!
Tina Csathy
Virginia Samuel Go!!
Paula Frederick $100.00 Keep up the good work!
Sheila Kirouac
Paget Catania You go girl! Thank you for doing this.
Emma Waverman
Anonymous $100.00 Way to go!!
Anonymous $250.00 Way to go Yvonne!
Gavin Kennedy $50.00
Barbara Gordon
Faye Caswell
Heather Margach $50.00 Yea Yvonne. Have a great run. Thank you for your effforts.
Julie Stevens
Stacey Johnson $100.00 Happy birthday Yvonne. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous $500.00 Awesome
Astrid Guttmann $250.00 Thank you for commitment Yvonne! Best wishes, Astrid and Jeff
Katelyn Gardner
Jacintha Doner Good Luck Yvonne!!!
Patricia Scherrer $1000.00 Great work Yvonne!
Sean Copeland $250.00 You Can Do It! Lift those knees, drive those hips & Breath! I am sure a G&T is waiting for you at the finish!!!
Janine Mason Hope its a great run, Sept 8th
Diana & Chris Carradine Good luck Yvonne. Have a great run!
Roz & Andy Heintzman $50.00
Sandra Hawken You rock! AWHL is so lucky to have you leading the charge for this!!
Lee Vernich great cause Yvonne.. thank you!
Jane Donald $250.00 You go girl!
Sandra Heldman Way to go, Yvonne. Great work!
Jane Giuliani Well done Yvonne!
Angela Cashell $50.00
Aldonna Stremecki
Michele Coleman Go girl! Awesome work!
Mitzi Zohar $100.00
Judy Wolfe
Joanne Miller
Steven Mason Good luck Yvonne
Carrie Meston
Rosemary Hannam
Keddy Williams Good for you!
Christopher Collie
Karen Janes
Deirdre Swatman You're AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorraine and Adrian Leemhuis $100.00 Have a great run Yvonne for this great charity
Kelly McOstrich
Christy De Gooyer Run, Yvonne! Run!
Jordan Korenzvit You got this!
Lisa Dubrofsky Go Yvonne go!
Stephanie Roles You're doing great Yvonne!
Christine Le
Daniel Erem $10.00 Congratulations! Great cause!
Huong Pham raise more money
Frank Polo run, run, run
Huong Pham raise more money
Frank Polo raise more money
Diep Mai $25.00
Laura Trubkin
Karen Arnone $100.00 Go Yvonne!
Diana Cable
Amanda Quinn
Katie Fisher
Ellen McNeill Good job ????????
Anonymous Good luck Yvonne!
Elizabeth Pead $100.00 That’s 90. Now, if you beat me to the finish line, I’ll double down.
Yorkville Run Top-Up Winner $250.00 Fundraiser with the most online donors. 3rd Place. Congratulations Yvonne!
Carolyn Kim Good luck with the race, and keep up the great work at the Helpline!
Elizabeth Pead $100.00 You beat me fair and square!! Hugs and thanks.