Girls E-Mentorship (GEM) is a registered charitable organization that offers an innovative mentorship program for high school girls facing multiple barriers. Since GEM’s launch in 2012, we have served over 150 girls in Toronto, seeing them through to post-secondary pursuits, including university entry. GEM equips girls with the necessary skills to achieve their grown-up aspirations, building a diverse network of talented, vibrant women and girls to inspire and support one another. 


Mentorship is an innovative and effective way to help female youth reach their full potential and emerge as empowered young women.

Young women facing socio-economic barriers are at a higher risk of depression and anxiety, disengagement from school, substance abuse and criminal activity that perpetuates the cycle of poverty. High school girls are at a critical stage of development. This is the time when school performance and community affiliations are of particular importance. Choices made at this juncture can significantly impact their future. Cultural differences and language barriers can limit access to certain programs and can lead to students being misplaced in special education classes that do not address their needs or strengths. 

A 2016-17 study completed by the University of Toronto’s Department of Social Work, to evaluate the effectiveness of the GEM program, indicated that the quality of the mentor/mentee relationship has a significantly positive effect on goal orientation, preparedness for the job market and stress level reduction.

The study also indicated: 92% of GEM respondents feel good about themselves, 96% of GEM respondents are able to set goals and achieve them, 100% of respondents had a positive experience with GEM.

GEM mentors are carefully chosen for their professional success, their ability to connect and their commitment to improving the lives of GEM mentees. Participants are matched with mentors on the basis of their career aspirations, interests and personality. Mentors support GEMgirls as they navigate key issues in their lives, such as goal setting, time-management, confidence building, stress management and knowledge sharing for interviews, university applications, and more.

You can help us make a difference in the lives of young girls in Toronto by fundraising, donating or supporting GEM at the B&O Yorkville Run.

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