Run with Stella’s Place by making us your charity of choice!

Welcome to The Future of Mental Health: a new era where people aged 16 to 29 can access the help they need—when they need it. Located in downtown Toronto, Stella’s Place offers free, welcoming, inclusive, barrier-free access to programs and services that support young adults in their wellness.  We offer a unique model where young adults can choose the programs that they decide is a fit for their recovery. Simply put, no other organization does what we do.

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Together, we run to ensure young people get access to the help they need to get well, stay well, stay out of the hospital and live well.

P.S. We had a great race in 2018, where our 97 runners raised $80,000 for young adult mental health. We’re counting on you to get there once again this year! Thank you for your support!

Individual Goal: $1,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $2,150.00

Team Name: EasyBre-ezies

Team Goal Total: $13,500.00

Team Total Raised: $18,005.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Maria Pilavakis $100.00 Great cause Rocco, good luck!!
Anonymous $20.00 Good luck bud!
Anonymous $50.00 Go Rocco!!
Anonymous $30.00 I just want to see you run 5k
Niko Milic $50.00 Represent the "Big Guys" Rocco!
Anonymous $20.00
Adam Borgatti $100.00
Nancy Merchant $50.00 Great cause Rocco
Deanna Ford $25.00 Run like the wind!
Domenic Spalvieri $50.00 have a great "run"
Anonymous $50.00 Thanks for running.
Anonymous $25.00 Way to go Roc
Abdulfattah El Itawi
Khash Asgarpour Go Rocco go
Jessica Bean $25.00
Anonymous $30.00 Go Roc!
Anonymous $50.00 Great cause Rocco
Nando Cianci $20.00 Go brother
Dave Smales $100.00 Go for it Rocco!
Kaye Nantais $100.00
Kyle Brennan $20.00 Way to go Rocco!
Jamal Gordon Keep on “Roccing”
Nirosh Shuresh
Martin lask
Anonymous $30.00 Good lucj
David & Claudia Bernardo $50.00 Rocco You Are Doing A Great Thing For A Great Cause!!! All The Best!!!
Anonymous Have a good run!
Domenic & Fanula Lengua $50.00 Way to go Rocco. Great cause
Martha McGroarty Happy Birthday!
Lisa and Rob Cioffi $50.00 Way to go neighbour!!
Anonymous $50.00 Happy Birthday! Great cause
Mark Zalesky $20.00 GO Roc Go
Wayne Munn $40.00 Great Cause
Anonymous $200.00 Great Cause
Rick Cyr $60.00