Hello friends, family, colleagues!

I am reaching out to ask you for your support.  I am excited to be participating in the EXACT Yorkville Run, a fun charity 5K run on September 8th. I have teamed up with Stella's Place, a charity close to my heart. 

Me and the team of Stella's Place runners are running to raise funds to ensure young people get access to the help they need to get well, stay well, stay out of the hospital and live well.  With the recent news of Provincial funding cuts, I want to make a real difference so that Stella's Place can continue to offer their services. Any donation amount will help make a difference.

A little bit about this great local charity:

Welcome to The Future of Mental Health: a new era where people aged 16 to 29 can access the help they need—when they need it. Located in downtown Toronto, Stella’s Place offers free, welcoming, inclusive, barrier-free access to programs and services that support young adults in their wellness.  We offer a unique model where young adults can choose the programs that they decide is a fit for their recovery. Simply put, no other organization does what we do.

To find out more about our programs, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Please help me make a difference in mental wellness of young people.  Thank you for your support!


Individual Goal: $5,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $5,473.00

Team Name: StellasPlace

Team Goal Total: $13,900.00

Team Total Raised: $19,778.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Tammie DeRush $50.00
Kelly Wang
Terry Eng
Joyce Yang
Chanh Khuu
Katherine Chun $100.00
stephen ho $50.00 Glad to support you for a great cause
William Sarman $50.00
Sock-Hoon Tan
Nora Thomas
Priyadarshini Gupta
Suzanne Vendramin $40.00
roni wiradinata
Tom Li
Anonymous $50.00
Woohyun (Wes) Kim
Karen Ng-Lew
Dr. David Koivuranta $50.00 Running for a good cause is always a good cause for running! Well done.
Shireen Sydow Nancy always a pleasure to support you
Peggy Tang
SUSAN KRUSE $100.00 Thanks for helping to making a difference. Go Nancy!
Summer Mitamura
Warren Mok
Gloria Yee You go girl!
Carmen Bang
Venita Ramjattan
Marie Huang
Rory McCarthy $50.00 Good luck Nancy
Alastair Borthwick May the wind be at your back!
Lawrence Masson $50.00 You go gurl!
Peter Szacki
Teresa Van Hoesen $50.00
Martha McGroarty
Ana Marie Salvador-Titco
Glen Stover $25.00 A great reason to run
Sara Broughton
Pina Battaglia
Anonymous Good luck!
Anonymous $50.00 Good luck!
Yvette Hernandez
Jackie Tsou
spenta kotwall
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous You rock Nancy!
Michelle Tam
William Kung $50.00 Karen says, GOOD LUCK!
Jean Wong $50.00 Karen says...go Nancy go!
Ann Amirthanayagam $100.00 best wishes for the run for this worthy cause
Sharon Yeung
Anonymous Good Luck, Nancy!
Joan Bennett Good luck
Karen Kung $20.00 Go Nancy Go!
Julia Chen $10.00
Anonymous $20.00 Cheers
Peter Chow
Pinx Long
Clara Wang Add oil!
Anonymous $50.00 Have fun
Nancy Seto $50.00 Great cause
Sherry Ferguson $20.00 Way to go !!
Anonymous $20.00 Good luck
Anonymous $20.00 Have a great run!
Annabelle Orejana You make a great difference and it is noteworthy. Thanks for your example, dedication and personal contributions to a great cause
Marc Racine
Rosa Hong Happy to support you
Ken Hum You go grrl!!
Stella Nguyen
Tommy Kung $10.00
Anonymous $50.00 Carla and Connie wishing you a great day!
Adam Hoang
Ruth Shepherd
Anonymous $100.00
Shirley Cheung
Peter Chan
Lana Chan
Adrian Mitchell $25.00 Good luck Nancy
Anonymous $20.00 Bravo Nancy!
Karen Ha
Melanya Aguila $25.00 Go Nancy!!
Michelle Gleeson $50.00 Good luck :-)
Valerie Miehlstein Go Nancy go!
Joe Tran
Ravi Jain Good Luck, Nancy
Elizabeth Lee $50.00 Go Nancy! Stella's sounds like a much needed space.
Anonymous $30.00 from Esther Wong
Sasha Cunningham
Anonymous $50.00 Go Nancy go!
Sam Ganesh $50.00 Well done Nancy! This is such a great cause!
Wanda Zayachkowski
Rita Chan Have fun with your run! :)
Alexis Campbell Thanks for raising funds for this much-needed resource, Nancy!
Tess Dylnicki $10.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous Happy to support you, from Cynthia Gao
Leanna Kruse Have a good run!
Anonymous Aim high, Nancy!
Don Van Leeuwen
Steven L $10.00
Josie Stockden
Linda Chen $100.00 run, Nancy, run!
Don Kwan
Sherry Xie Run for the ribs!!!
Anonymous Thanks for doing this!
Luisa Luo
Anonymous Great you’re doing this
Stephen Lum $20.00 Karen says run faster
Anonymous Keep up the good work
Anonymous $50.00 Have fun!!
Kenny To $5.00 Go go Nancy!
Anonymous $10.00 Karen says RUN fast
Yuli Y
Anonymous $50.00 Go Nance Go!!!
Yorkville Run Top-Up Winner $1000.00 Fundraiser with the most online donors. Congratulations Nancy!
Aries Cheung Thanks for the good work!
Edward Kwan $12.00 Since 3 is my lucky number now you my dear are at $5,333...333 a positive sign.
Donald Masters
Kenneth Yang
LucretiaKnapp/Lynne Yamamoto $25.00 Good Luck Nancy!
Margot Meijer
Julia Hing $25.00 Sorry for the late donation. Glad to see you surpassed your goal!