Hello There Generous Friends!

You may know I sit on the Board of Directors for Merry-Go-Round Children's Foundation. Once again I am running for the cause at the Yorkville run 5K this year: I am on the committee and Captain of our team 'To Serve and Connect' . Our team is doing really well with fundraising and we hope to achieve a top fundraising team position which will provide extra bonuses for the charity. I would be very appreciative if you would pledge me for my participation in support of Merry Go Round and the Kids, Cops & Computers program.

By helping provide tools for success to students who might otherwise go without, you enable these bright students to compete academically and become engaged members of their community. 

The Kids, Cops & Computers program provides new laptops and mentoring to Grade 7 students in Canada who lack consistent access to technology in their home environment. We work in partnership with local school boards and police services to deliver the Kids, Cops & Computers program to Grade 7s throughout the school year, aiming to bridge the digital divide with a focus on improving students’ digital literacy skills.

Thank-you Sincerely from the bottom of my heart - my knees might be singing a different tune on race day:  but the sacrifice is worth it ;)

Individual Goal: $3,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $2,150.00

Team Name: ToServeAndConnect

Team Goal Total: $35,500.00

Team Total Raised: $40,146.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Tim Hogarth $200.00 Wishing you great success!! ????
Anonymous $500.00
Bruce McKelvey $150.00 Have a Great run!
Chris Kapches
Frank Thomas
Steve Jelenic
David Rydzik $100.00 Good luck Michelle
Rod Thompson
Sally Rosenbaum
Allison Keers Best of luck!!
Anne Maycock $50.00 Go Chelle!
Elliott Kilday No you will do well.