Kidney health matters. Run for us and provide hope to thousands of Ontarians living with kidney disease.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is the key national voice and volunteer organization dedicated to kidney health. We have been a trusted registered Canadian charity for over 50 years and we are driven to remain collaborative, passionate, and impactful. We have contributed well over $123 million to kidney-related research since 1964 and continue to raise millions of dollars for research initiatives, patient support programs, and education activities each year. We strive for excellent kidney health, optimal quality of life and a cure for kidney disease.


In the 1960s, people with kidney failure had little hope of survival. Dialysis was considered an extraordinary treatment and restricted to very few. Transplantation was still experimental. The amazing advancements in kidney research, supported by generous donors like you have created a new reality for those living with kidney disease. A kidney transplant is the best treatment option with success rates of over 82% after five years. Dialysis treatments have vastly improved and patients can exercise greater choice in finding a treatment that best suits their lifestyle whether it be in hospital, in a community setting or at home.

Programs and Services:

Kidney Connect Peer Support is offered by phone, in person and online through, Last resort short-term financial assistance, Educational materials including brochures, fact sheets and patient handbook, Outreach to at-risk populations, Kidney Community Kitchen, Online renal diet resource see, Advocate to government about the need to reduce the financial burden of kidney disease, Support for camp experiences for families and youth.

The Impact:

Your donation means that Canadians diagnosed with kidney disease will have access to the latest information on how to live with and manage kidney disease. The Living with Kidney Disease patient handbook is provided free of charge to those newly diagnosed with kidney disease. The handbook is an important tool to help demystify the disease and empower the individual to understand and manage their diagnosis.

A donation of $25 per month ($300 per year) will help send a family to Lion’s Camp Dorset in Muskoka for one week. The camp has an on-site dialysis centre and trained medical staff. Dialysis treatments are scheduled in the morning to allow patients to make the most of their summer vacation, leaving ample time to make plenty of holiday memories with their families. A person on dialysis cannot simply miss a treatment, which makes it very difficult to plan a family vacation.

To learn more about The Kidney Foundation of Canada visit:

Individual Goal: $5,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $7,618.55

Team Name: KeepinItRenal

Team Goal Total: $9,500.00

Team Total Raised: $10,598.55

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