To know me is to know that diabetes research is something I feel incredibly passionate about. That's why I'm so pleased to once again be running in support of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital. And this year, they're letting me designate all the funds raised by my team to go directly to their diabetes research program. 

Your support would mean so much to me - and to the dedicated researchers at Sinai who are working to make a difference for those living with diabetes.

The B&O Yorkville Run is one of the runs associated with Sinai Health Foundation’s Race for Research series. Race for Research allows anyone to sign up for a local partnered run, like B&O or give you the opportunity to create your own challenge by designing your race from start to finish!

Thank you for your support.

Individual Goal: $2,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $2,055.00

Team Name: Team_Sinai_Diabetes

Team Goal Total: $3,600.00

Team Total Raised: $9,150.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Anonymous $30.00
Hillary Lane $50.00
Megan Munro $30.00 Happy birthday!
Anonymous $50.00 Run Krista Run!
Anonymous $50.00 Run Krista Run! There's a doughnut at the finish line :)
Suzanne Jangda $30.00 Go Krista Go! (And happy birthday! ??)
Hanna Wheeler $25.00 Happy birthday! Love you, friend!
Paul Kilbertus $50.00 Best wishes for your run!
Christopher Needles $30.00 Go Krista!
Anonymous $100.00 Diabetes research is lucky to have you as a supporter
Joe butcher $40.00
Ryan Lumbers $100.00 Go Krista! Happy running!
Tanya Durr $50.00 You go, girl! *hug!* :D
Anonymous $25.00 Goid luck!
Duncan Stewart $100.00 go for it!
Jim Woodgett
Marc Frigault $25.00
Jodi Garner
Dee Lewis
Anonymous Such a good cause.
Paul Dearborn $35.00
Lisa McKeen $100.00
Robert Stephen $20.00
Elaine Forrester $20.00
Karen Pace $20.00 Way to go, Krista!
Karen Anderson Good luck!
Hayden & Devlin Dignard $55.00 Best of luck!
Robin Harkness
Anonymous $35.00 So proud of all you do
Carol Lamb
Amanda Thambirajah
Anonymous $50.00 So close to your goal! Come on!!!
Mardi Michels Go Krista go!
Anonymous $50.00 You got this!
B P $190.00 Krista- thanks for being the heart and soul behind this venture ... but rest assured, somehow I will out-fundraise you!!
Heather Wilberforce $30.00
Matt Blair $25.00