This September, I am lacing up to support Girls E-Mentorship (GEM), a registered charitable organization that offers an innovative mentorship program for high school girls facing multiple barriers. Since GEM’s launch in 2012, it has served over 150 girls in Toronto, seeing them through to post-secondary pursuits, including university entry. 


I joined GEM as a mentor in 2018 and it has been nothing short of incredible. The thoughtful and intentional matching of young women with professionals has opened doors, led to increased confidence and built relationships that will continue to flourish for years to come. I was matched with a young woman who is passionate about supporting and advocating for vulnerable youth, particularly within Indigineous communities. Together we explored post secondary options that aligned with her interests and purpopse, and in September she will begin her Bachelor of Social Work at Ryerson. I couldn't be prouder! 


Acknowledging that everyone at Ryerson is dedicated to the success of students, we have entered a team to support this incredible program. Please consider donating GEM at the Yorkville Run so we can continue to grow the program and equips more girls with the necessary skills to achieve their grown-up aspirations. 

To find out more about our work, please visit:

Thank you for supporting Girls E-Mentorship.

Individual Goal: $500.00

Individual Raised so far:  $526.00

Team Name: RyersonUniversity

Team Goal Total: $1,575.00

Team Total Raised: $1,476.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Michelle Green Have a great run!
Brian Shantz $25.00 great to have a colleague like you doing great things for others
Brittany Scott $50.00 Cheering you on!!
Sonam Ringpa
Jeanna McCuaig $160.00
Peter Lawless $160.00 Bang Bang PJ
Leah Carr $30.00 looking forward to seeing you on the course!
Anonymous From Ryerson University