As some of you know, and many do not, my mom was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was news that took my whole family by surprise especially as no early warning signs were evident.


Pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest cancers to diagnos early, and one of the toughest to cure due to limited options.


It is on its way to being the second deadliest cancer, yet it receives a minuscule portion of all cancer funding. I have decided that I will be competing in a 5k run to raise money for pancreatic cancer research in an effort to change the unfortunate outcomes that pancreatic cancer often brings. Although I do not expect anyone to donate, I ask that you please consider it. 




Lace up with Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation (PCCF) and help change the outcome of pancreatic cancer. The statistics of this awful cancer are staggering – 93% of people diagnosed will die within 5 years; 50% of those within 4 months. It is on track to be the second deadliest cancer by 2030. Despite these facts, pancreatic cancer receives only 2% of all cancer funding.

In response to the statistics, PCCF has launched the first multi-disciplinary research partnership between major cancer centres across Canada called PancOne™. The goals are simple: maximize the research expertise and infrastructure already in place to dramatically change the outcome of pancreatic cancer.

Your support and participation will help change the outcome of pancreatic cancer.

Individual Goal: $3,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $4,200.00

Team Name: RunforKrick

Team Goal Total: $4,000.00

Team Total Raised: $5,365.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Adam Bott
Jay Simmonds
Garrett Sanchez
Lori Muir
Taylor Schopp
Tori Roberts
Tanis Sanders
Casey Schopp
Anonymous Good luck!
Andrea and Bryan Bott
Willie Robertson Love you Josh
Bonnie Bush ??????
Albert Yang Kick ass, my friend!
Amy Chea ??
Erika C
Rachel M
Danielle Thomas
Tyler Neshovski
Anonymous Hope everything works out for the best man, this is a great thing you're doing!
Alexander Pacholkiw This is a great thing you're doing Josh, keep it up!
Anastasia Intounas
Freda Justiz
Anonymous $18.00
Mike Milne $50.00 Best wishes to you and your family
Cam & Tay
Indervir Kooner
Mitch King
Melanie Nayer
Shelley & Todd Kent $100.00 Our thoughts and prayers are with you all stay strong.
Julie Lio
Breanna Patterson
Perry and Amy Brock Best wishes
Anonymous Your mom must be so proud of you. Good for you. My prayers are with your family right now and always.
Anne Mason
Eric Walker
Rick McCabe give Kristen a hug for me.
Nikki Paterson $100.00 Thinking of your entire family??
The Smith family
Spencer Holt
Anonymous $25.00 Way to go Josh. Tour mum is a special lady. Say hi to her please.
Lisa Bateman Hugs to all of you. ??
Alexandra Brunka
Mabel Upshall $100.00 What an awesome idea....God bless you.
Anonymous $100.00 You got this Krick...praying that there will be a cure for all those who needs it. GOD BLESS AND KEEP STRONG ????????????.
Greg P
Chris Baumen
Amy Heinrichs
Katherine Heinrichs Thanks for taking the time to make a difference...may your mom be one of the one’s who beats this cancer.
Melissa Papaevangelou
Marianne Moreno
Stephanie Pasternak
Anonymous Were rooting for you!!!!! :)
Vidia Allie $50.00 Wishing you best of health
Sandra Namrud Kimbercroft Family! Krick we are thinking about you everyday and we are fighting with you! We love you very much you got this xoxo Love (Sandra, Jieling, Kelly, Gurmeet, Pauline, Kimberley, Natalie, Florentina, Rani, Samantha, Yasmeen)
Joey Bush Proud of you Josh
Kim LeMesurier $50.00 Proud of you Josh! Krick kick Cancers a$$!
Sophie Jeffreys $100.00 From the Jeffreys Family (Paul, Sophie, Nicole and Victoria. We are thinking of you and you family!!
Anonymous Love u to the Moon and back!
Ashlee Kirkopoulos
Jean Robertson (gaga) $50.00 Love you Josh
Hodgson Family $100.00
Trish TarBush Proud of you Josh. Love the Tarby Taylor’s oxox
Melissa Deebrah
Alison Chappell
Brown Boys