The Kids, Cops & Computers program provides new laptops and mentoring to Grade 7 students in Canada who lack consistent access to technology in their home environment. We work in partnership with local school boards and police services to deliver the Kids, Cops & Computers program to Grade 7s throughout the school year, aiming to bridge the digital divide with a focus on improving students’ digital literacy skills.

Individual Goal: $15,000.00

Individual Raised so far:  $15,230.00

Team Name: ToServeAndConnect

Team Goal Total: $35,500.00

Team Total Raised: $40,146.00

Donation Details
Name Donation Amount Message
Saman Abbas $500.00 Good Luck !
G Scott Paterson $2500.00
Mohamad Fakih
Perry Dellelce $1000.00
Adnan sohail $500.00 Good Luck
Atif Siddiqui All the best Farhan
Margaret Barron
Gudass (Gary) Singh $100.00
Larry Martin $1000.00
Leigh C Darlington
Mike Hodge $100.00
Anonymous $1000.00 Keep it up bro!
Sarah Suria $100.00
Samir Dossal
Mikhail Kassam $500.00 Good luck from Audrey and I
Sami Muhabat $50.00
Bradley Scharfe $1000.00 Great cause Farhan, glad you’re running and not me !
Meron Berhane
Aristheo Masonsong All the best Sir Farhan.. hope this little amount will reach more lives and build more dreams
Anonymous $250.00
Sonu Kugashiya Thanks for giving this chance to be a helping hand to someone
Anonymous $25.00 Hi sir, please accept my donation
Tariq Nawaz Keep up the good work Farhan
Sadia Dar $50.00
Ma. Theresa Ayson " We rise by lifting others " - God bless you more & continue to touch other peoples lives
Ailia Batool I hope this little contribution will be helpful for the cause, All the best Sir!
Annabelle Baliwan Keep up the good work sir! More blessings.
shakeel ahmed good work must be kept going on.
Farah Mohammed $50.00
Frederick Capistrano
Anonymous Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today (ah ah ah) Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too Imagine all the people Li
Khurram Khalil $200.00
Anonymous $500.00 Good luck Farhan from all of us at WD Numeric Corporate Services
Aditi Aditi
Anonymous $25.00
Gurmeet Kaur
Jenna Balisacan Best of luck sir Farhan
Atif Shahzad Thanks sir Farhan! For giving a chance to become a part of a great cause..
Balwinder Jandu
Anonymous hope this little contribution will be helpful for the kids. Inshallah
Harpreet Singh $25.00
Daniel Lee $100.00
Asad Ahmed great dedication Farhan, Keep it up!
Fadi Haddad $25.00 Good luck Sir and thanks for sharing with us.
Yasmeen Kaur
Ahmad Ali $30.00 May Allah bless u more sir Amen ????????
Harpreet Kaur Good luck
Tayyaba Rafi
Pradeep Kaur
Denise anne Madula $50.00 Goodluck sir! Godspeed :)
Anonymous Good Luck Sir....
Anonymous Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness. -Harold Kushner
Anonymous God bless u sir Thank you for the opportunity ????????
Vipul katariya Great work Farhan!!! Good luck
Gurjot Kaur
Anonymous All the best
Gurchetan Kaur
Jeremy Shimkofsky
Anonymous $250.00
Mehboob Bangash keep it up
Umar Khan
Anonymous $100.00 You are the best, Farhan! Keep the flame burning ;)
Fatir Butt $250.00 Goodluck!
Michael Bradley $200.00 Good luck, Farhan "Marathon Man" Abbas!