Thanks to the generous support of our corporate partners, we motivate our participants to raise more dollars per participant than any other run in Canada. The result is a highly effective event where small, local charities take home 100% of funds raised.

Vegan Social Events

Vegan Social Events is proud to be hosting The Constantine Yorkville Run Post-Race Reception. Our events are the very first in Toronto to focus on promoting both veganism and sustainability because the two go hand-in-hand. We’ve been producing accessible, inclusive events since 2016, bringing together influencers, media makers, the community, and socially responsible businesses for vegan eats & drinks, sustainable shopping, and inspiring guest speakers from around the world. All of our events focus on promoting the low-waste, vegan lifestyle in a friendly and inclusive manner. The food and beverage offerings at The Constantine Yorkville Run Post-Race Reception will include delicious plant-based items from companies that operate sustainably and ethically.