Elite Entry Standards

To be eligible for elite status, the standards below must have been run on a certified course in this calendar year.

A Standard       Sub 16:45       Sub 14:45        
B Standard Sub 17:30 Sub 15:30

Athletes meeting the A standard will be guaranteed elite status and accommodation.

Athletes meeting the B standard will be eligible for elite status and possible accommodation.

The deadline to apply is Monday August 20th, 2018

You will be informed of your elite status within two days of the application deadline. Best efforts will be made to accept early application where possible.

Applications for elite status:https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4446265/2018-5k-Road-Championships-Elite-Form

Prize Money

1st Place: $2,000
2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500 
4th Place: $300
5th Place: $200

*To be eligible for championship awards, including prize money, athletes must have Canadian citizenship and a current Athletics Canada membership