Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

Abuse is secretive. It is isolating. It is terrifying. Every day at Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre (Boost CYAC)™ we meet brave children and teens who are survivors of abuse. Their stories are heart-breaking and the cases are complicated. For over 35 years we have witnessed the long-term impact that abuse, neglect and/or witnessing violence have on a child’s development.

Five years ago we fundamentally changed the way children living in Toronto are treated when they disclose abuse, by creating a collaborative, integrated model of care, under one roof. Boost CYAC is on the front line working to reduce child abuse in strategic and effective ways including, primary prevention, public education, trauma assessment and therapy and court preparation for child witnesses.

Will you help break the silence on child abuse?

Directing support to Boost CYAC is investing in a vulnerable child’s ability to thrive after abuse has occurred. Your gift will help to break the cycle of abuse one child at a time. Every $1 donated to Boost CYAC yields a 3:1 investment that is seen through the collaborative response model; improved access, efficiency and effectiveness of care, as well as improvements to the child’s physical and mental health, capacity to function, as well as reducing that child’s future use of Toronto and Ontario’s health and social services.

We couldn’t do any of it without the support of generous donors because we rely on donations to fund our programs and all the work we do.

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