The Assaulted Women’s Helpline offers a 24-hour telephone and TTY (Deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing services) crisis line to all women in the province of Ontario who have experienced any form of abuse. Trained counsellors provide crisis counselling, emotional support, information and referrals. On average we receive 50,000 calls per year from across the province and beyond seeking support and advice. 

We recognize how difficult it is for many women to reach out for support. AWHL works hard to eliminate the barriers that can prevent women from picking up the phone. All calls are anonymous and confidential; we do not have call display. We offer language line services in up to 200 languages. Over 9,000 callers require this service annually.

The Helpline is dedicated to working towards equality for all women.

Team Details
Team Name Team Member Fundraising Goal Raised
Team_Helpline Rebecca Ng $1,000.00 $525.00
Team_Helpline Yvonne Harding $10,000.00 $6,857.00
Team_Helpline Katie Fisher $500.00 $380.00
Team_Helpline Jason Van Dam $1,000.00 $605.00
Team_Helpline Julie Forrest $250.00 $0.00
Team_Helpline Zoey Van Dam $500.00 $70.00
Team_Helpline Liane Ginsburg $500.00 $150.00
Team_Helpline Jennifer Baldachin $1,000.00 $850.00
Team_Helpline Samantha Anderson $500.00 $240.00
Team_Helpline Brenda Doig $100.00 $0.00
Team_Helpline Regan Fitzpatrick $500.00 $600.00
Team_Helpline Liz O'Brien $250.00 $50.00
Team_Helpline Kim Foley $500.00 $50.00
Team_Helpline Lesley Krueger $500.00 $600.00
Team_Helpline Dawna Townsend $500.00 $0.00
Team_Helpline Kyla Bowman $0.00 $50.00
Team_Helpline Jeff Kugler $0.00 $50.00
Team_Helpline Vivek Bhattacharyya $500.00 $725.00
Team_Helpline Pippa Van Dam $500.00 $100.00
Team_Helpline Bobbi Olsen $2,500.00 $1,225.00
Total $21,100.00 $13,127.00